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Disqualified.. My greatest Qualification

Most times in life, it’s easy to look at your life and feel you’re not good enough, smart enough, brave enough, beautiful enough or have enough resources. Does this relate to you? At one point or another we take a look at what God is calling us to do and dreams, visions and desires that He has put in our heart and we just tend to feel disqualified. We look at what God is asking us to do and we just tend to feel “you know what God? I think you picked the wrong person for the job” but God doesn’t make mistakes and that’s why you aren’t a mistake because He made you. Now you may be thinking, ” man, you don’t know me! There’s no way I was God’s choice to do this or to do that because I not the right guy”. Well, you know what? Moses, Joshua and Gideon in the Bible didn’t feel qualified either but they still went on to lead, guide and dominate nations for the glory of God! You see, God made you exactly how you are because of the assignment he has for you. He made you a perfect fit for His calling and purpose for your life. He says in Jeremiah, that before you were formed in your mother’s womb He knew you and set you apart as a prophet unto nations. Isn’t wonderful to know that you were specially selected, chosen and pre-destined by God for great things. To God your disqualification is your greatest Qualification. Don’t believe me, ask Moses, David, and Gideon. These three were disqualified by natural standards to do the things they did. But they still went on to achieve some of the greatest feats ever recorded in history. 
So if you’ve been feeling discouraged, and disqualified then I want to let you know that you don’t have to throw in the towel because the more disqualified you feel, the more qualified you are in God’s eyes. God calls the unqualified and makes them qualified. Accept yourself the way God made you! God specially designed you for what he has called you to be. You are God’s epitome of perfection! So from today begin to look at all your disqualification as all the major reasons why you’re God’s perfect candidate for the job He has for you.

Hang in there

It’s easy to want, to dream, to aspire, to desire and to crave. It’s easy to grab a pen and grab a paper, to grab a mic and allow your voice to echo through the speaker, to lose yourself in the waves of inspiration, to impact and transform a generation-but, that’s the easy part.
Can to stand when everything is falling? Can you act when you feel like stalling? Can you speak when no one wants to listen? Can you write when you feel like there’s no reason? Can you keep going even when no one is watching? Can you inspire when your own soul is deadend?
You’re so’s contagious! You may fail to see it in yourself but people around you can always tell. You’re a unique and special breed and your voice will the world heed. You can’t afford to quit just because things got hard. Hang in there and win cuz you got it within. Many lives are tied to yours. Many destinies await a unique touch from yours. You may feel confused but you are someone’s road map. Hang in there till the final buzzer sounds. Don’t quit just cuz you fought two rounds. The champion isnt the strongest man in the ring but the one still standing when the fight is over. To win against all odds you just have to Hang in there!  Keep moving, keep pushing, keep hanging on.



Hey people! How are we all doing? Great to be back! Last weekend i went to a friend’s brother’s wedding and when i got to the reception venue i noticed there were writtings on the wall. Actually, these were quotes by great people in history. There were quotes by Nelson mandela, Barack Obama, Martin Luther king jnr and some others. Now being the inspirational person that i am…lol i had to pause and read. I discovered the topic for today’s post from there. This quote was made by president Barrack Obama and i held on to it because personally it struck a cord in my heart. Through out the wedding (which was awesome by the way) all i could think about was the quote i had seen. I looked all around the reception hall, saw the bride and groom and the caliber of people who were in attendance. It made me think of my own wedding and how i wanted it to look like. I realized the truth in Obama’s statement while i thought about it. This is the truth i learnt: we can all dream and wish and hope and aspire but our dreams won’t work untill we do. It made me realize that no matter how gifted or talented you are, your dilligence in your gift and talent is what guarantees the results you want to see. I realized that there was plenty of work to be done and i have begun. If you’re reading this and you know you want to become more, have more and do more with your life then take a page out of my book and start doing something to get you there. The formular is  this: my gift+dilligence=my greatness. I vow to be a doer and not just a talker, how about you? Let me know via your comments below. Remember don’t be inspired alone pass it on to others. Share, like and tweet it. Be someone’s inspiration today.



Every great and influencial individual that we know, recognise and honour today are who they are and do what they do today as a result of the decisions they made yesterday. Everyone has dreams and aspirations for their lives but not everyone gets to live out those dreams and aspirations. For a large majority, dreams remain just dreams thier whole life. While only a few wake up every morning to live the kind of life that others only dream about. Whatever the case may be, these two set of people are where they are today, good or bad as a result of the choices they made yesterday. The majority chose to dream while the few chose to live. So my question to you now is..what decision can you make today right now that would make you smile with gratitude ten years from now when you look back? As for me i choose to live everyday of my life on purpose by doing what i know i was born to do. How about you? Let me know what you choose in the comment section.

Learn from it and let it go!


Ever made a mistake that you felt super bad about and you wished you could just go back in time and change? Maybe it was something you’ve even cautioned people about and it’s not like you meant to but still,you made the exact mistake. Everyone is suprised and they don’t understand how you could have made such a mistake and so are you too. You hate yourself and more than anything you just want that moment to pass quickly and be done away with. If you’ve ever been in this situation or maybe you’re currently in this situation and you’re still holding on to that moment in time that seemed to mess everything up even though it has been days,weeks,months and years since then, i have four things to say to you:


Don’t beat yourself up about it!
Mistakes happen and no one is perfect even those who seem to be aren’t so don’t beat yourself up about it. Everyone makes mistakes and crying about it, hating yourself or punishing yourself for it won’t change what happened so don’t beat yourself up about it.


Learn from it!
Someone once told me that the moment you learn from your mistakes they cease to be mistakes and become lessons. Mistakes are painful and heartbreaking sometimes but that’s what makes them the best lesson teachers. If you look closely at that mistake you made and everything it caused, you learn priceless lessons. So learn from it.


Forgive yourself!
You feel like ” it’s all my fault but i didn’t mean to” i know you didn’t mean to and that’s why you need to forgive yourself. The deed has been done, you’ve learnt your lesson and it was years ago so forgive yourself.


Let it go!
Now you’ve forgiven yourself it’s time to let go. You’ve been carrying memories of what you did and how bad you felt and how your actions hurt people and it’s affecting the new relationships you have but it’s time to let it go. Throw out all those baggages of past mistakes that you’ve been carrying around and let it go.

How to monetize your passion in five step


Hey fellow achievers! It’s me again, your number one status quo breaker. Now I know every time I tell you how there’s so much more to you than you realize and I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and start achieving the dreams in your heart. I know it’s inspirational and all but I really want to see my fellow achievers actually achieve something with the wonderful gifts God has placed in their lives and so today I’ll be sharing five key secrets on how you can monetize your passion and start getting paid to do what you’re naturally great at. Ready? Let’s begin!

Step #1: Identify what your product is.

Money only comes to those who have something to sell. In the biz world we call this “something” a product. To you my achiever, your product refers to your passion,gift, talent, idea or ability. First thing you do, take a deep look at what you’re passionate about and identify it.

Step #2: Identify your market when they walk through the door.

I know what you’re thinking “huh? When did a market develop legs?” I read your mind right? Well let me explain, market here refers to anyone that can be a potential client or customer of yours. The clients and customers you’re searching for are all around you. They are those three girls that share a dorm room with you and could use your make up artistry. They are those friends of yours who are planing a party and need your dj skills. You catch my drift?

Step #3: create your USP.

Your USP simply means your unique selling point. Now this is a key ingredient in getting paid even in a crowded market where everyone else is doing what you’re doing. You need to create something unique or handle your passion,gifts and talents in a unique way that makes your clients and customers keep coming back for more. I like to refer to this as  the “Oliver twist factor” of your passion or OT factor for brevity. Whatever you decide your USP will be is up to you but you must have one to beat your competition.

Step # 4: Be confident.

Ever been around someone who’s confident about anything before? If you have then you’ll agree with me that confidence is contagious. If your customers see you as confident, they’ll be confident in you and your gift or talent. This is the most vital step here and why? Because the journey of destiny is one for the brave at heart and not whimps. It takes confidence to step out of your comfort zone and into your place of financial freedom and fulfillment.

Step #5:  Sell something!

Now you know what your passion is, you know who your market is,you’ve created your usp and because you follow my blog you’re  super stirred up and confident. Now what? Well, the final step my achiever, Sell something! Everything you’ve learnt so far has prepared you for this moment. It’s time to sell your passion, gift or talent. You’ve amazed everyone with how beautiful your voice is, well now it’s time to bill them to listen to you. They like the way your makeup looks ? Well they can look good too if they can afford you. Set your price and stand by it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, enjoy having your passion gift and talent pay you.

My fellow achiever that’s it right there, the how that you’ve been asking. Remember that it’s not what you know that changes your life but the application of what you know. Also don’t achieve your dreams alone. Like, tweet and share this to everyone you know so they can achieve too. See at the top!


Failure is just part of the process

Today we live in a world where successes are celebrated while failures are frowned upon. We live in a society where people will go out of their way and do absolutely anything to be successful just so that they can be accepted by society. Everyone avoids failure and will do anything not to be associated with it, forgetting that the greatest successes being celebrated today were all once former failures. Maybe you’ve failed before or multiple times in the past, that doesnt mean you should call it quits, give up and throw yourself a pity party. Einstein was termed “incapable of learning” but later became the household name for geniuses, Thomas Edison failed 999times but because of him we have translucent bulbs of different kinds. Friend, failure is part of the process. Failure is a comma on your journey to destiny and not a full stop. Failure can be your catapult to destiny if you would let it. So stop beating yourself up about the insults and harsh comments people have said to you because of failure because it’s just part of the process.


Some times i know you wish you could just press the fast forward button of your life so that you can arrive at that wonderful destiny of yours quicker. However, you should know that just because you’re in a hurry to arrive at destiny doesn’t make destiny’s pace quicker. I know that you’ve been through pain, losses, humiliation and a lot of betrayal but i need you know that all these things as bad as they seem are only stepping stones set in place to bring you closer and closer to destiny. So don’t quit yet just because it got hard. Pursuing destiny is for the brave and not the soft at heart so which are you? Whenever you feel like calling quits just imagine the world without you and realize how priceless you are. Think of all the people whose lives you’ve touched just by your very existence and hold on to your destiny because some things simply take time.

No Doesn’t Mean Never!


On your journey to destiny, there will be times filled with obstacles and discouraging situations that can bring you to your breaking point. There are times when you feel that that dream of yours to become a fashion icon with a grand fashion label, a recording artist performing all around the world, a renowed author of books that will win the nobel prize for litreture, and a chef whose food and deserts are highly sought out for through out the world will seem like flimsy pipe dreams and you’ll feel like the average status quo lifestyle is a better option. At discouraging times like these i want you to remember that there was no great achiever known today who didn’t experience such times. So if you’re going through such times right now, it’s time to say “i’m going to stay right here and make this work or die trying”. Just because your present circumstance seems to be saying No to you doesnt mean it will Never say Yes! No doesn’t mean Never! So hang in there because your dreams are about to become a reality.

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